Multiple Teams · 2020 AR Softball Teams

Say hello to your new 2019-2020 Ashley Ridge Softball Teams!


Abigail Little

Kaylee Lankford

Giovanna Plumley

Skylar Crabtree

Elizabeth Ray

Bailey Schwenk

Grace Summerhill

Alyssa (Red) Giossi

Selah Brown

Lorelei Schwenk

Ashlynn Sullivan

Olivia Beaudry



Zinia Hampleton

Libby Carey

Elle Parent

Leah Jonas

Hailey Patterson

Ally Eubanks

Maddie Ingram

Claire Gamble

Katie Fulton

Caroline Ingram

Maddie Sherwood


Congratulations ladies! We will practice tomorrow, weather permitting. Practice is 4:15 – 5:45. We will also be starting our fundraiser this week so get together 20 emails of family and friends for practice on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who tried out! For the ones who didn’t make it, keep playing, keep getting better and we can’t wait to see you next year!