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Growth Under Pressure Info Letter



This is an effort for us to help some important non-profit organizations in our community.  Listed above is an information letter for you to understand what this is and what we are doing.  And the second is a more detailed description of the program, who all is getting involved (other teams and programs in our area), and the non-profit organizations that will benefit from our efforts.  Please read and include anyone that you feel may be willing to help, or is in a position to donate at this time.  Any little bit helps and will add up to save theses great causes.

All you have to do is log into www.mp6.io and enter your username and password (**TEXT ME OR EMAIL ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD**).  After you are logged in, just enter first name, last name, and email of anyone you can think of that would  be willing to donate.  Do not enter cell numbers and Do Not send anything.  The emails will be sent to all of those people at one time automatically.  So just login, enter names and emails and save them and you are done…then logout.

Feel free to text me or email me if you have any questions.  A huge thank you to all participate and can present this platform for anyone else who can help!!

-Coach Givens