Swamp Fox News · CFA Spotlight Player of the Week – Kevin Brigham


Introducing you to Kevin Brigham, a wonderful Senior Swamp Fox who wears #17 for the Men’s Soccer Team.  Kevin truly loves playing in the awesome Swamp Fox Stadium and on our fields.  His favorite sports moment is when he watched Ronaldo’s 2nd leg CL comeback vs. Athletico Madrid.  If he could change one rule about soccer it would be to allow stutter-step on penalties.  His pregame ritual is simple: music and meditation.  Kevin’s favorite Chick Fil A item is the Spicy Chicken Deluxe sandwich.  A few of his favorite things include the movie “The Man Who Knew Too Little”, the TV Show “One Punch Man”, oranges, and the professional sports athlete Cristiano Ronaldo.  When he is not on the soccer field he also enjoys playing golf and the phone app VSCO.  He loves to vacation in Siesta Key and his favorite quote is “Who do you think you are?  I am!”  Kevin is also a member of the National Honor Society at ARHS and plans to attend USC after graduation.  His dream job is to be a twitch streamer and content creator.  Kevin’s bucket list includes visiting Portugal, playing golf at Augusta, and to meet Cristiano Ronaldo.  Coach Nate Harris comments, “Kevin is an extremely bright individual who has continued to grow as a player and a person.  I could not imagine our team without Kevin on it.”  We wish you the best at USC Kevin, and the next photo we see of you should be you and Cristiano Ronaldo shaking hands (at least after the pandemic is over!).