Trident Sports Medicine

Trident Sports Medicine Services

Our team of Certified Athletic Trainers are actively engaged in our community by providing services that focus on the prevention, immediate assessment and emergency care of sports related injuries. The Trident Sports medicine team offers customized programs for recreational and professional athletes and teams of all ages and sports. We provide:

  • Pre-participation Sports Physicals
  • Seasonal Saturday Morning Injury
  • Certified Athletic Trainer Services, including on-site practice and game staffing.
  • Coverage for special athletic events
  • Professional educational seminars to promote injury management, rehabilitation, fitness, wellness and sports performance
  • Community Educational Events
  • Training for coaches and students designed to encourage preventative measures for healthier athletic programs and injury risk management guidelines
  • Concussion Management Program

Trident Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation 9313 Medical Plaza Dr Suite 103 Charleston, SC 29406 Phone: (843) 847-4873